Return of Damage Bond

When you have finished your exams and essays and are breathing a sigh of relief, you may not feel like thinking about more work.  But, now is a good time to start making plans for leaving the property at the end of the tenancy.

Here are some pointers to make sure that you do not receive any unnecessary deductions from your damage bond.

Firstly, think about rubbish

I bet that there are a fair amount of black rubbish bags outside your house every Wednesday morning.  Well, think of this amount and then triple it (at least) to estimate the amount of bags that will need to be put out on the last rubbish day before you leave.  And, of course, the council will only take three black bags!

However, you can avoid this problem by thinking ahead and trying to decide what items from your room can be thrown away, and what you are going to squash in the car to take home with you.  Then, if you and your housemates start throwing away unwanted items in the weeks leading up to the end of your tenancy, you can end up with less black bags on the final day.

Secondly, think about keys

You need to return each of the keys that were issued to you, as per the key log.  When you leave, it is a good idea to place your keys in an envelope, mark your name clearly on the front, and then pin this to the notice board.

Thirdly, think about cleaning

You need to ensure that your room, and the rest of the house, is clean and tidy.  You are responsible for your own room, but everyone is equally responsible for the communal areas. 

All the rooms, including the halls and stairs, need to be vacuumed and or mopped and the bathrooms need to be cleaned.  The fridge freezer needs to be defrosted before cleaning and the oven will be much easier to clean if you use a product like ‘ Oven Pride’ oven cleaner and leave the gel on overnight to allow the product to do the hard work.

Oven Pride is brilliant!  It is very easy to use and includes a bag for the racks - you can just rinse them clean after leaving them in the bag with some solution overnight. 

Don’t forget to clean the microwave and all the cupboards too. 

It is a sensible idea to draw up a rota so that everybody joins in!

Planning the cleaning

Try to agree on a couple of days when everyone will be available to help clean.  Otherwise, people will start moving out and one unlucky person will be left with all the work.

Cleaning always takes longer than you expect and so make sure that you leave plenty of time for all the chores.  Make a list of who has agreed to do what and make sure that the lazy ones stick to it!

You may find that one person is happy to clean the toilets, but would hate to clean the oven, so ask for volunteers first.

If you would rather not clean the communal rooms, or clean at all, let us know and we can get in a cleaning company who will do the hard work for you.